Eco-Healthy Child Care in Plano, TX

"The roots of every plant seek out, from among the many substances the soil contains, only those which they need." 

-Maria Montessori


If children learn about the environment at an early age, they may be more inclined to live environmentally responsible lives.

At Healthy Beginnings, students learn about the environment and about the benefits of recycling and reusing products through hands-on activities. These activities introduce key environmental concepts for keeping our planet clean.

Understanding that our students mimic what we say and do, we also demonstrate our commitment to being eco-friendly by teaching children about the devastating effects of littering.

To ensure that Healthy Beginnings remains as green as possible, we dedicate ourselves to reducing children’s exposure to environmental health hazards such as toxic chemicals.

In order to maintain our school's green integrity, we do
things like:
• Prepare homemade meals that are all-natural or organic.
• Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting   products.
• Prohibit scented candles, air fresheners, or aerosol sprays of   any kind.
• Recycle paper, glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, etc.
• Use non-toxic art supplies approved by the Art & Creative   Materials Institute (ACMI).