Nido: The Most Important Time in Your Child’s Life

The nido environment at Healthy Beginnings Montessori House (HBMH) is affectionately referred to as the Raspberry room.

Like all of HBMH’s classrooms, the nido environment is rooted in the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. In fact, the word nido comes from the Italian word “nest” and is meant to convey the warmth and security of a home.

Through the environment’s simplicity and order the room is safe, secure, stimulating, and most importantly full of love. The preparedness of the teachers allow students to learn at their own pace, using their senses to explore and discover the world.


• Age appropriate materials and aids that induce concentration, movement, language, and cognitive development

• Open classroom absent of inhibiting items such as playpens, bouncing seats, activity saucers, swings and walkers

• Floor beds permit movement such as slithering from the first day. Crucial to their development

• Gently touched and spoken too softly, as a whole individual, in an environment with low baby-to-teacher ratio

• Calmness is nurtured by following your babies natural rhythm of development

• Trust is cultivated by understanding how your baby communicates information

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