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In The Global Achievement Gap, education expert, Tony Wagner analyzes performance by considering the skills needed to get a job and become a productive citizen.

21st Century Education - Seven Survival Skills to get a job.

We Prepare your Children for: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Agility & Adaptability, Collaboration & Leadership, Oral & Written Skills, Assessing & Analyzing, Curiosity & Imagination, Initiative & Entrepreneurism

How do we do this in a Montessori Classroom?
Explore. Manipulate Objects. Interact with Friends. Formulate Ideas. Accept or Reject what is Learned. Construct knowledge by Making Mistakes. Learn by Doing. Freedom. Develop Confidence. Self-discipline. Make judgments from Impressions Collected. Learn “With each Other” and “From each Other”. Empowered. Real Responsibilities. Mixed-Age Groups foster an “Acceptance of Differences”. Expectation that Cooperation is Necessary. Begin and finish a Job. Environment Creates Innovation Competence. Support Experimentation. Initiative. Ask Questions and Investigate. Accountability. Time for Conception of a Problem. Discovery of its Solution. Inspire “What If” and Curiosity. Spontaneous Feedback. Control of Error imbedded in Material. Learn to Think. Articulate Own Opinion. Long-Term Project. Break it down into “doable parts”

Everything in the classroom is designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of the children. There is no ceiling to what children can learn. They are able to advance through the curriculum as they progress.

Since Healthy Beginnings strives as much as possible to meet the standards of Maria Montessori, we would like to make information about her philosophy available to our parents.

The information on this page not only gives parents and teachers the chance to share in the joy of Montessori's educative ideas but also provides insight into the pedagogy of Healthy Beginnings. Moreover, to access an organization's website, click on its heading.

North American Montessori Teachers' Assoc. (NAMTA)
NAMTA is a membership organization open to parents, teachers, and anyone interested in Montessori education.

American Montessori Society (AMS)
AMS advocates Montessori education and promotes Montessori principles to the greater community.

American Montessori Internationale (AMI)
Dr. Maria Montessori founded AMI in 1929 to ensure that her life's work would be perpetuated after her death.

Michael Olaf Montessori Company
Provides high-quality Montessori materials and books for children from birth to twelve years old.

Tomorrow’s Child Magazine
A Montessori magazine that answers questions about Montessori schools and Montessori in the home.