Montessori Education

Tuition Sheet

In The Global Achievement Gap, education expert, Tony Wagner analyzes performance by considering the skills needed to get a job and become a productive citizen.

21st Century Education - Seven Survival Skills to get a job.

We Prepare your Children for: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Agility & Adaptability, Collaboration & Leadership, Oral & Written Skills, Assessing & Analyzing, Curiosity & Imagination, Initiative & Entrepreneurism

How do we do this in a Montessori Classroom?
Explore. Manipulate Objects. Interact with Friends. Formulate Ideas. Accept or Reject what is Learned. Construct knowledge by Making Mistakes. Learn by Doing. Freedom. Develop Confidence. Self-discipline. Make judgments from Impressions Collected. Learn “With each Other” and “From each Other”. Empowered. Real Responsibilities. Mixed-Age Groups foster an “Acceptance of Differences”. Expectation that Cooperation is Necessary. Begin and finish a Job. Environment Creates Innovation Competence. Support Experimentation. Initiative. Ask Questions and Investigate. Accountability. Time for Conception of a Problem. Discovery of its Solution. Inspire “What If” and Curiosity. Spontaneous Feedback. Control of Error imbedded in Material. Learn to Think. Articulate Own Opinion. Long-Term Project. Break it down into “doable parts”

Everything in the classroom is designed to meet the develop-mental needs and interests of the children. There is no ceiling to what children can learn. They are able to advance through the curriculum as they progress.