Parent Life

Tuition Sheet

At Healthy Beginnings Montessori House, our families are an important part of our community. As Montessori educators, our staff understands the importance of a child’s world both in and outside the classroom.

We make every effort to communicate regularly with parents: through answering questions, encouraging parent involvement or simply exchanging information that is important to our children.

Parents and family members are encouraged to become involved with the activities of the school. We recognize these choices are voluntary and based on the family’s circumstances and needs.

School Visits
Healthy Beginnings Montessori House offers opportunities for parents to experience what their child’s day is like and what they are learning.

This is a wonderful occasion for parents to discover how different a Montessori classroom is from a traditional classroom setting. Two times a year parents are invited to come in and work with their son or daughter in the classroom.

During our observation week, parents schedule a time to come in and observe their son or daughter in the classroom dynamic. Parents are also welcome to schedule observations at other times of the year.

Parent Education
For many people, the Montessori Philosophy is a significant shift in thinking about education; consequently, parent education is extremely valuable and continues as the
child grows.

As a learning community, we feel it is important to share other educational information about trends and research that might support the role of parents. For this reason, there is a variety of Parent education opportunities.

Curriculum Presentations
A variety of presentations are offered each year to present the curriculum specific to each level. In addition, on a periodic basis an in-depth presentation is offered on the full journey from Infant II to kindergarten.

These events are typically offered on a Saturday or an evening and focus on a particular curriculum.

Guest Speakers
Varieties of guest speakers are brought to the parent community on an intermittent basis. These speakers offer both Montessori and non-Montessori related information that is valuable to parents.

The school website is a multi-purpose communication tool, providing information for the public about Montessori education and the school, as well as a parent education tool for our families. Regular information updates, articles of interest, and bulletins are available.